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What if you breed a German shepard/boxer mix with a pure breed german shepard?

Question by Christine C: What if you breed a German shepard/boxer mix with a pure breed german shepard?
if you breed a german shepherd/boxer mix with a german shepard will it come out like a german shepard?

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Answer by ? Beardies
No, it will come out like a German Shepherd x Boxer mix.

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Category: German Shepherd
  • Bonzie12

    You will probably get a mix of some that look like boxer, some that look like shepherd, and some that look like both.

  • Erin

    It could look like a German Shepherd, but would still be consider a mix.

  • Emily | RIP Danny Boy

    It would look like a mutt. Please don’t breed mixed breeds. There are enough homeless ones already.

  • :]

    itll come out as a german shepherd. boxer. i met itll come out cool! i bet its eyes will look like a boxer and then its nose will have a german shepherd with a GS body. or idk. but itll come out looking like both. my dogs a german shepherd/ spaniel. she has a spainel body, spainel curly hair ears and wavy fur on her back. she has the same color coat as a german shepherd and that nose!

  • Clarice

    If you do that, you will be adding to the surplus population of dogs.

  • morg

    I Think you will like get a mix of every thing a german Shepard mixed with boxer and a pure german shepard

  • Little Green Giant

    It would come out like a German Shepherd/Boxer mix with a bit more German Shepherd look to it. Imagine you mix yellow and blue – you get green. If you add more yellow, it gets to be yellowish-green! :o)

  • The walls that bring you down

    It would still be considered a mutt, but I think would look more like a German Shepard. But you shouldn’t cross breed, the genetics’s could totally be screwed up, and you might a have a problem with the dog.

  • devi

    first off it would be contributing to the pet overpopulation. but to answer your question, it could have any traits mixed between the two breeds and be any sort of combo, or if there are any recessive genes it may have traits that neither of the parents have.