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Labrador Retriever

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Sandicast Yellow Labrador Retriever with Santa Hat Christmas Ornament
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The Labrador Retriever
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Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Tfh Pubns Inc; 1st ed thus edition (April 1984)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 087666…

2014 Black Labrador Retrievers WALL CALENDAR
Black Labrador Retreiver 2014 Calendar…

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YELLOW LAB Labrador Retriever DOG ORNAMENT Figurine statue NEW puppy Christmas

End Date: Tuesday Aug-25-2015 11:15:56 PDT
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YELLOW LAB Labrador Retriever DOG ORNAMENT Figurine statue NEW puppy Christmas
End Date: Tuesday Aug-25-2015 11:15:56 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $7.98
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

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  • MarioKartHack

    Getting one in December

  • Toby Burnwell

    marley and me

  • Erv Mak

    I want a labrador badlyyyyyy

  • 13617mel

    Venethasavvy23 your stupid labs are the most popular dog in American I am a
    dog expert and u are not so ha ha ha

  • Gabriele Gabriele

    Why peaple say lab and goldens are different breeds there actually the same

  • V4Vendetta

    The speaker is lying she isn’t a Labrador , or is she :)

  • Gabriele Gabriele

    I have 2 black lab my firts had birth to 6 black lab 2 died 4 are stil
    alive I know wete all they live and we have a lab called cherry her mums
    name is mintas

  • SuperEvilMel

    I love my lab, he is the sweetest thing. Sadly he’s blind but he’s figured
    out the layout of the whole house and knows which room he’s in just by
    feeling the floor. He’s also good at remembering where furniture is, but we
    frequently rearrange it so he still bumps into stuff. He knows where all
    the doors are too so he’ll slow down when he approaches a door. I almost
    forget he’s blind sometimes because he navigates the house so well! He
    really is a smart dog.

  • Maeva Heimdall

    Best dog ever! My dog was part Labrador and part Dachshund I learned how to
    walk with him, just put my hand on him and then he just pulled me slowly…

  • Markus Diaz

    Male Dog-Female Voice

  • Jedimaster Mary

    I have a lab he is such a good boy and he thinks he is little but he is a
    big boy his name is Tedy I love him so much

  • karan verma

    female voice for male dogs.. and male voice for female dogss… Go home
    doglopedia you are Drunk !!

  • whiteonyx4

    He always has water and is cared for, this is not our first/only dog. BUT
    we got him when he was 5 months old from someone who didn’t know how to
    care of a dog. When she was sick of giving him attention she put him in a
    rabit enclosure..the rabit rapped him. And he had to fend for himself
    (food-wise) during these months which is why he is dominant now and isn’t
    asking he is TELLING you to get him some more water even if he had a full
    bowl only 10 minutes ago and it’s not hot weather either.

  • kait0189

    I love this series!

  • helenawillow

    Then go look at goldens? ?

  • whiteonyx4

    I’m not using the word pet to refer to someone I’m dominant to. I don’t
    dominate my dog, he’s a member of our family.

  • bait668

    My god I would hug this dog all day

  • Veggieforlife

    Please do poodles

  • Lexi Bay

    my lab lived till 17 years old

  • chante jacobs

    Goldens and Labs are so different! There the same specie but a different
    breed. Golden have long pelts. Labs have short pelts. And labs come in 3
    different colors, Choclete, yellow, and black. Goldens come in two or one.
    As known gold and a white kind of color. Thats the difference from a golden
    and from a lab

  • whiteonyx4

    I know what you mean, Its been years but I still miss my first dog as well
    (13 died of cancer). And our current big brother of our nauty genious has
    just been told he has a heartmurmer, he’ll be 14 this august so the vet
    doesn’t think medicine will do him any good…its age. He’s ok….well more
    than ok he still has the personality of a playfull puppy… but still, I’m
    worried. .