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Q&A: What do you think about giving your pets people names?

Question by Mrs. B: What do you think about giving your pets people names?
My husband wants to name our dogs typical “dog names” I already have a dog named Thaddeous, and Chloe, now I would like to name the third and newest edition Chris, what do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by Queen of the Dachshunds
go for it. i like to give dogs unusual names. i have never met a dog named chris!

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Category: Dog Names
  • mollyneville

    My dogs are Molly and Neville, so I think people names for dogs are ok.

  • Perplexed Music Lover

    Why not? My last dog was named Amy. My current dog is Hunter. Why restrict yourself? Chris sounds pretty cool.

  • darlene b

    i think its a great idea, to name pets, people names, because, we as pet owners/lovers
    treat our pets , as they are family members, so of course they should have human names, since we treat them as such

  • katlvr125

    Since I think that your pet is just another part of the family–go for it

  • Blessed1

    I think that would be really cool…It’s like they live out their names anyways…go for it!

  • i_luv_pete_wentzz

    I think thats a great idea!lol i named my dog chloe too!I like to name dog people names its fun!i used to name my pets after celebs lol!i say go for it!chris is a cute name for a dog

  • Michelle

    Sure whatever you want. There are no rules.

  • wheels

    I think it is fine as long as you have a dog’s name, like fifi perhaps

  • Pirata!!

    i don’t find anything wrong with naming your dog, chris. i mean it is your dog, and he is another addition to the family. why not name him chris. a lot of people think of their dogs as their kids, so you have the right to name your dog, anything you want. i mean girls are named chloe, and one of your dogs name is chloe, so why not chris. :) go for it!

  • darlin_nikki06

    people names for dogs are better than ”dog” names. Maybe you could name it chris and just have your husband think of a nickname out of it

  • blonde mom70

    I think you should name your dogs whatever YOU like. I have 3 and their all named after people. Rusty for #2 NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace, Ozzy for Ozzy Osborne[because he’s crazy!] and Missy after a friend I had who moved away.

  • jumpingjellybean

    I think its fine. I was going to call my dog ozzy but decided on Bailey and I’m really glad I went for a sensible name or it could be a bit embarrassing at the vets when they call his name, or in the park when you call his name. I like Chris.

  • Beanie

    Sounds fine to me. Personally, I think names such as Fluffy or Brownie sound a little dumb for anything.

  • gwen b

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, i’m also a pet lover and i’ve have given my pets people names, all I can say is go for it. thank you

  • shortansassy

    If you like it why not.

  • el.tuco

    i bet you have kids named spike and buster

  • candy g

    not a huge fan of it……………………….went to a friends house years ago [1st time ever] and the mum said hi and went off into the kitchen and seconds later she was screaming oh ***** [my name] you dirty little bit@h look what you have done, I am gonna smack you, I just about peed my self……….then mother came out of kitchen and was introduced to me……..[very pale and all but shaking] mum this is ***** she burst out laughing and said that’s funny that’s the dogs name……………..

    Can laugh about it now but was NOT happy at the time.



  • bmoline

    We had a dog named Chris.
    Most of my animals, even fish, have had human names.
    Right now I have dogs named Jessica, Jack (Daniel’s) or Jack (the girl), and Mr. Thompson. Animals don’t care what you call them, as long as you call them.

  • angela p

    i name mine people names

  • sexy babe

    I think that sounds great! Go for it.

  • Jane W

    I used to hate it, but it really cracks me up now (especially boy names). Go for it.

  • *grins*

    a buddy of mine has a dog named Dave , its hilarious because when he speaks of Dave you forget it is a dog, and you think it is a person…
    “Dave and I went for a hike”
    “Dave and I are watching TV”


  • Starr

    I did (Peyton). I say go with what you like. Don’t like “Chris” — what about Quincy.

  • katie

    I say go ahead and name him chris. Who cares if its not a “dog name” as long as your happy with it.

  • bladedogsrule

    I just wonder why so many people give their children doggy names?

  • freetodervish

    There’s nothing wrong with naming your dog Chris. If it makes you happy, go for it.

  • Katie

    I think you should name him Chris. It’s a cute name and unique! I like it!!!!

  • technaja

    Well, I think is has characteristic.. Go for it.. Chris sounds cute and energetic.