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Q&A: What would be a nice professional name for a dog kennel/reptile breeding business?

Question by Khalis: What would be a nice professional name for a dog kennel/reptile breeding business?
I would like to start up a dog kennel and reptile breeding buisness in the near future because I just love dogs and exotic animals, but what would be an interesting name for such a place. I’d like a professional name, of course nothing too dumb and corny or anything. What do you think of CanineHerps? I thought of that name because dogs are, of course called canines (or canids) and we associate reptiles & amphibians with herping, herpetoculture, and herpetology and I thought that name would fit, but what are some others that can tell people its a place for dogs and reptiles?

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Answer by new2sk8ing
Bitches and reptiles express.

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