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Q&A: What home cures are there a dogs ear infection?

Question by Cliff: What home cures are there a dogs ear infection?
My dog has a ear infection

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Answer by ghost of a chance
I use a garlic/mullein tincture in an oil base when I have ear problems, It should work for a dog, too. I get it at an herbal shop

The infection could be coming from something lodged in his ear.
Foxtails are notorious for this.;_ylt=AqyW6cBJFhB7WnZLtRBQV7LqxQt.;_ylv=3?p=foxtails+in+dogs+ears&fr=ush-ans

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To treat a dog’s ear infection naturally, try using apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to help kill the infection, but veterinarian-approved products work the best to kill the infection quickly. Use naturally remedies to treat a dog’s ear infection withhealth information from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. Aimee Beger Bio: Dr. Aimee Beger works for McClintock Animal Care Center in Tempe, Ariz. Filmmaker: Ryan Quinn
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Zymox Ear Solution treat Ear Infections Dog Cat with hydrocortisone 1.25 oz.

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  • punanibuzzed

    always useless why do i bother with these people

  • Spartacus217

    Olive Oil’s good to treat Popeye.

  • Spartacus217

    Did you forget to put water in the tank?

  • Alondra Gimenez

    I have 2 Shih Tzu and I took a look at their ears today and it was all clotted with greasy hairballs and it was full of black wax. I cleaned it up with Q-tips and it came out so nasty, it had a musty odor. I also heard a lot of mushy sounds, I am letting my dogs hair grow long so do you think I should cut my dogs hair since this might have happened since I never dried its ears? Or should I still let it grow, apply the medication and when I wash him put cotton balls inside of his ears?

  • newyorkeastside

    what? your dogs have no nose? What the hell does that have to do with ear infections? You need to go to the dog without a nose youtube vid…….lol