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Duroville dogs are up for adoption

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Daisy is a foster puppy. :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • rpgmakr

    I’m not a “pet” person but this video makes me wish I had a dog.

  • attila7018


  • lisadiane55

    Great video. Simon is so smart and sweet with the puppy.

  • Kikitheemaggot

    It’s so cute how she’s trying to teach her how to come down the stairs! Really shows the intelligence of dogs.

  • jarcvideos

    Cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time… Adorable…

  • Irene Del Valle

    aww.. so cutee :)

  • xUnifi3d


  • kchaispanos2

    sooo nice… i love litle dogs

  • jerovargas

    Soooooo cute love love love love

  • Kauri Yang

    Soo cute

  • r3b3l1n

    Absolutely adorable

  • EyePostComments

    I like puppy dogs.

  • carmen2107able

    This is so sweet it had my eyes watery :’)

  • elisha paul

    this was sooo adorable. It melted my heart.

  • 令軒 陳

    Here are many people use traditional Chinese to comment, all of us are know this video via “Yahoo! news Taiwan”, the most popular online news website in Taiwan. :)

  • xfrankx83

    Eat the dog? Did I say that?

  • yuhsin2006

    Translation of some of Chinese comments:
    1. I came from the yahoo news (Taiwan)
    2. Thumbs up if you’re here because of the yahoo news
    3. Cute puppy and dog
    4. How can this be a news!? lol

    And…another hello from Taiwan