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Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly

While dealing with Holly’s food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand. Dog Whisperer: Premieres SAT, Sep 15, 8P et/pt
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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  • Simon0

    Look at Cesar at 0:28. He is awesome!

  • CristinaY2J

    That hurts like HELL, it happened to me a couple of times lol. I like his reaction thou 1:21 :))

  • davechrz

    Look up Victoria Stilwell… has her own TV show, wikipedia page, published books, and doesn’t use discredited dominance theory. She handles behaviour problems with positive reinforcement only. That’s why Cesar’s ways get bashed, you don’t need to instill fear to get results.

  • LKat900

    I raised my dog with love and patience, she is a great dog, never aggressive with anyone and very loving and patient. Love and patience is not a human perspective, its a universal thing.

  • leilocked

    This dogs case in food aggression is strong.How about you try your “kinder” approach and I’ll see you at the ER. Caesar had to match up to him. The dog made Caesar BLEED, and Caesar kicked him but not hard enough to damage the dog. He also acted in the moment cause that was a pretty aggressive and unexpected move. How else was he going to stop him from biting? Please tell me, if you think you know better. I bet if it was any of you, you would have just cowered and continued to get mauled.

  • southy63

    arrogant twat ,lol has no respect for the dog so got bit ,good boy lol

  • redmudisle

    Cesar Millan is a moron.

  • Shadowsfall091

    He didn’t kick the dog, he hit it with his knee.

  • ellyshirvell

    I think that Ceaser chose this method because of the extent of this dogs anger and possessiveness over his/her food. I think certain degrees of the dog’s behaviour deserve either positive reinforcement or direct punishment. Not really physical but some sort of control over the situation. The method you’re using may work for your dog but I presume it most likely wouldn’t from this doggy. Seems really up tight and tense about it all.

  • Meiko Kuromaku

    Those “dog trainers” who keep bashing Cesar’s ways… So, where’s your TV show, Wikipedia page and published books?

  • Sunburst1989

    So his own fault. The dog was looking away not threating him at all and allthough the dog is not at the food anymore cesar keeps threating him by looking straight at him. When the dog is submissive already why not let him go. Cesar could have taken the food and go away.

  • Luposolitario1989

    poor dog let him eat his food in fucking peace, lol!

  • ARoe090

    Judging by your spelling of DROOL** I’m guessing you probably do a lot of it. I mean, you butchered that word…

  • longorn69

    Doorbell means xanax.. That explains alot lmfao

  • NYJetsFootball311

    haha i love italian people, so funny

  • 博 佐藤

    spoiled mom spoils the dogs

  • singpraise247

    She pets him and loves him after he bites, ha,lol. Never understand that.

  • singpraise247

    I can’t either, it’s not even on amazon, itunes etc..the dvd comes out on feb 13th or something.

  • 36thUlsterDivision1

    no, certified breeders should be the only ones excluded

  • Ann L

    First world problems…

  • solowolf22

    Women like the mother in this episode are what is wrong with this country.

  • cageybee777

    she cried and did something else

  • Karin Schuster

    no wonder this family needed C. help. The mom is totally loony.

  • Parley Eubanks

    But if the law is for every dog, then the breeders would be breaking the law.

  • 36thUlsterDivision1

    thats what breeders r for

  • SoshiLoveable

    Sorry…it is bumper cars

  • AboveControl

    it’s not a cable car ride, it’s bumper cars.

  • Terri Romero

    Lean mean pooping machine’s

  • failchawi

    You’re awesome, thx bud, hope to see the rest of season 9 soon can’t find them anywhere!!

  • josephine calderon

    thank you so much…

  • Jimmy Choong

    Yes, you are right. One should do that especially when a not so knowledgeable woman has a male dog… and you need to mate your male dog twice a year……

  • Parley Eubanks

    I understand the reasoning behind spaying and neutering. But I do not think it should be the law for every single dog. I think it should be strongly suggested and then left up to the owners to make their own choices. Also if every single dog was spayed and neutered, there would be no new dogs and they would all die off. so doing it for every single one is not the answer either.

  • SoshiLoveable

    How can someone bring their dog on a cable car ride? O.o

  • Guimmi

    Cesar Millan: The Real Story, please? I’ve been trying to watch it for ages and I can’t seem to find it anywhere…