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2013 Dogs of the Dow

Published: Friday, 28 Dec 2012 | 5:21 PM ET

Giovanny Moreano | CNBC

“Dogs of the Dow” or “High Yield 10” is a popular investment strategy that recommends buying the Dow stocks with the 10 highest dividend yields at the beginning of the year.

The basic strategy suggests putting an equal amount of money into each of the 10 stocks; although there have been variations that include proportionate investments in the Dogs weighted by share price.

Another permutations suggest dropping the lowest priced, but highest yielding Dog out of concern that the there may be a reason why the yield is so high.

The strategy worked in the past two years. The 10 companies that made it to the list at the beginning of 2012 are up about 10 percent, adjusting for dividends, compared to a 7 percent increase for the index.

Ahead of 2013, here is a look at the highest yielding stocks in the Dow.

McDonald’s and Hewlett-Packard are the new additions to the 2013’s Dogs, replacing Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods, which is no longer a Dow component.

Dogs of the Dow is a popular investment strategy that recommends buying the Dow stocks with the 10 highest dividend yields at the beginning of the year.

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Category: Dog Stories

14 Responses to “2013 Dogs of the Dow”

  1. vickyboy96

    DOG > CAT

  2. vickyboy96

    Great Dane.

  3. vickyboy96

    Poodles are the best dog breed! They are adorable and also one of the smartest. Hater!!

  4. AmieB2005

    Why is it that there is always some idiot in the comments section comparing dogs to cats? I personally have dogs, but doesn’t mean I don’t think cats deserve respect and love. More cats are killed in shelters than dogs overall. Many by gassing and mass euthanization. All living things feel pain in one way or another. It tears me up when I see an animal in pain.

  5. savate18

    why don’t they cut that tail ?! it’s the easy way to keep the dog healthy

  6. honeybean8

    I thought the same thing!

  7. BigTuna1987


  8. m1shadow

    German shepherds are a good representation of combining a multi tasking dog; combining herding dogs with mountain dogs the German shepherd was bred to both herd the sheep, and also guard them from predators.. a big reason why most working line German shepherds are natural guardians. Rhodeasian ridgeback is another example of a multi purpose dog that was bred to hunt lion in all sorts of terrain and weather. I love all dogs! Truly mans best friend!!

  9. Puppylove230

    Dogs aren’t man-made, natural dogs are produced from God, but man cross-breed 2 different dog breeds to make 1 weird breed like suppose you had a husky and a pomeranian= a pomsky, that is not officially man-made but man made that happen and God was the one who formed and created him/her in the natural female dog’s womb so I don’t know what he is talking about with “we” mad this, and “we” made dogs do that and blabbity-blah!

  10. Tim Grahn


  11. Puppylove230

    How about you shut up?

  12. polipoli nahogami

    yes they where made by us same as other animals god made the wolf we pull out of it the dog from living with wolfs they did not need it the abilities of the wolf so they where not passed into the others and they created a dependency to human you people said everything qwas made by god well tell me how in the old times the church said the world was flat and now they change opinion no its round that is what pisses me off from people like you

  13. Puppylove230

    No. You got it all wrong. God created ALL animals, dog, and wolf. They may be sort of like the same things, but we didn’t create dogs, God did. We domesticated WILD DOGS and changed their act, breed, and size, coat pattern by their environment and adaptation. I don’t know where in how and why you brought up “How in the old times, the church said the world was flat and now they change opinion.” when this video, and this conversation is about dogs. Sorry, Sir, but this right here is a statement…

  14. 90sfanforever

    Yeah, because God created dogs and then bred them over and over until all of the genetic problems were created. Not humans. No, humans would never do that. Yeah, that sounds legit.

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