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I like: Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills

Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills

Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills. Let your pet do their business while keeping the neighborhood a cleaner environment with our Eco Friendly Dog Pick Up Bags. Waste bags are produced from Biobase, a plastic alternative produced from cornstarch resin, for a sustainable, recycleable and renewable pick up bag. Don’t forget the coordinating dispenser! Colors are assorted, so please let us choose for you. Sizing: 4 rolls/pack Each roll contains 12 bags (48 bags total)
List Price: $ 8.75
Price: $ 8.75

Question by abj: Is it okey to flush dog waste down your own toilet bowl?
I have no more ground/lawn/space to build a decomposer or make a dog poop septic tank for dog waste. Some of my neighbors just wash manure down the drainage/gutter. Is this also okey?

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Answer by melsitter
I don’t see why it wouldn’t be okay.

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  • Kim from Sydney

    yes I do it all the time and hopefully you wipe their bottom after they do a poop too

  • ♥♥GEMINI♥♥

    sometimes if my dog poos in the house I will flush it down, it is fine

  • Terry G

    it depends, most of the street gutters run off into a water way, putting any kind of poo into rivers/streams/lakes is bad for it. The extra nutrients cause excessive plant growth and can pollute the water with bacteria.

    Flushing it down the toilet is a better option as it will go either into a septic tank or to the processing plant. Or just put it into your trash it will decompose at the landfill

  • Anthony

    Yes, toilets are designed and built to handle waste disposal.
    A poop by any other creature is still a poop.

    Good luck on poop flushing!

  • john n

    if u have a septic tank it will fill up a little more quickly but u can flush it or get a garbage can with a bag and lid and scoop up the poop and get rid of it with ur weekly trash.u can also dig a hole in ur yard and bury it but make sure u are a good distance away from ur well so there won’t be any contamination.i use the can since i have 3 dogs and it gets full pretty fast,then i double bag it and throw it out with all the other garbage.