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On eBay Right Now: skull Pet Dog ID Tag Collar Charm


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Double Side Engraved Bone Tag Custom Pet ID Tags DIY Dog Tag Cat Name Tags--?
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Double Side Engraved Bone Tag Custom Pet ID Tags DIY Dog Tag Cat Name Tags--?
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The uplifting journey of a dog as she travels from the harsh streets to a caring shelter to her new forever home. Told entirely from the dog’s point of view, this film was created to raise awareness for the Law of the Paw, a program that encourages people to do three simple things: adopt, spay/neuter, and ID pets. Learn more by visiting
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Question by Haunty: Why would a stray dog show up at my house and hang around?
This morning I noticed a dog hanging around my house. It has a collar but no ID tags. 7 hours later it is still in my yard, laying down in the grass outside my door. Why is it hanging around my house and no one else’s? I know the previous owner of this house had a dog, but they moved out 4 or 5 months ago. I was thinking of taking it to the humane society tomorrow if it’s still here tonight, because they put lost pet ads in the paper.

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Answer by Basketball8829
Do you have food outside? If the dog found food it might be back for more, or something could be familiar to the dog

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  • Clarizel Amarillo

    Magpie:Curse that beggar who kicked me! D:

  • EAgirl369

    That man at the garbage can was very mean to kick Magpie. Such a mean nasty man.

  • xarausers

    PENTAX Q apparently. See[slash]8DXuH

  • sydneysu123

    omg i wanna cry

  • YouG0tJokes

    Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die.

  • LeastAmongUs

    skitten says: Law of the Paw! Meow!

  • kornygerm

    nobody cared for the homeless man loll, double standard!

  • Argenis Mills

    Beautifully done, congrats !!

  • utan7777


  • Williams2809


  • snuggliepuppy

    made me tear up! beautiful!


    I mean, I’d adopt a dog that came with a gopro too.


    How many stray dogs did they strap gopros to?

  • peruketz

    Good experience, except for the dog which has a camera on his back,

  • TheHappygranny

    Such a moving film. I want a dog just like Magpie!!!

  • ceecore

    well the major part of the movie isn’t done on top of the dog. You can see two guys with bald heads at 1:14 holding a rig. :)
    But anyway well done!

  • ramekin rodgersly

    Powerful video.

  • zonsius1

    love it!

  • andrew1haddad

    We’re gonna put you somewhere safe!
    tricks him
    puts him in jail

  • andrew1haddad

    haha thank you!

  • signboyy

    1:20 WTF! a homeless person wouldnt kick a dog, he would probably try to take it as a companion and feed it

    apparently this video was made by someone who likes stray dogs but hates stray people

  • JumpOnYellow

    Well what is would do is first get a bowl with som water give it to the dog then if the dog trust you bring it inside and put up posters of found dog and if could put his or hers picture on it