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Q&A: How many dog owners dressed their dog for Jubilee celebrations 2012?

Question by Juliette: How many dog owners dressed their dog for Jubilee celebrations 2012?
Check out my Westie Dougie in his Union Jack dog harness, we made him out of fleece

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Answer by Holly
thats actually nice wow but i dont dress up my dog for my jubilee because i dont celebrate nothing to do with the royal family and im british and i just never liked the royals…

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This video shows how to adjust an IDC-harness of Julius-K9. My blue merle rough collie Jojo is the proband. Music by:

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Category: Dog Harness
  • MamaBas

    Not me as I don’t do ‘dressing up’ with my hounds, My Whippet has her coats but that’s all.

  • collieultimo

    Hi, Jojo was a little bit irritated, ’cause we just came back from a walk and you can read in his face “…hey, what the hell is that for, now?”

  • Momotaro15

    Ha Ha! Loved the look on the face of your collie! It was kind of an indignent look! Nice video BTW.

  • jimmyb227

    As I have said before, Jo Jo is just gorgeous!

  • collieultimo

    professional camera assistance !!

  • Lcd54

    A really nice instruction..LIKE :)

  • collieultimo

    Lady didn’t need anything like that, she never would have run away from you

  • TheTeddyandthomas

    Nice video - my old sheppard Lady had a lot of trouble with her collar

  • collieultimo

    I’ve been asked so often how to adjust it

  • collieultimo

    He didn’t understood why to get the harness on again

  • Vikingfanish

    Jojo doesn’t look as happy as usual