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I am in Austin, Tx. Our dogs eat raw meat. This video shows the preparation for each meal. After feeding raw for awhile, I got rid of the scale and notes and could just “eyeball” what my dogs needed. But I do recommend starting off with a scale until you get a grasp on what the weights look like. UPDATE: 1/2012 – I still feed raw meat to my dogs and spend about 0-0 a month to feed two 70-pound Boxers and a 40-pound Basset/Corgi mix. I feed a base of chicken (leg quarters) almost every day, turkey necks and turkey hearts and add a new protein once a week. I like duck and rabbit when I can find them in my supermarket. I also use beef and pork neck bones as treats. I shop around a lot for the best prices, but I do belong to a local Yahoo group ( that is open to new members in the Austin area. This is a “raw feeding” group, meaning a group of people who feed their animals raw or home-prepared foods. The group buys in bulk from several suppliers and get discounted prices on meat. This is all “human grade” and some organic meats. Another great way to save money is to shop the local meat markets for the “throw away” parts – such as chicken frames, necks, hearts, turkey necks, pork trimmings, leg bones, etc. Dogs and cats can eat all of these parts and they are usually less than per pound. There are LOTS of different opinions about feeding raw (exact ratio of meat to bone, deciding whether to supplement or whether to use veggies or fruit, etc), but the

Question by michaelgamboa_80: How can I make my new people start eating hard dog food instead of table scraps?
the previous owner give it only left overs so she refusues to touch hard dog food even it if is mixed with gourmet soft dog food. I want to eventually get her to eat only dry dog food.

Best answer:

Answer by lidea316
what ? i know what u meant to ask but read ur question lol all i can tell u to do is keeping offering the mixed food and give her nothing else if she gets hungry enough she will eat it

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  • erinhart75

    The Frenchie had demodex mange – he contracted this from his mother and we did treat it holistically, which took many months. It was not something we could control with diet alone, although he never ate kibble and was very healthy otherwise.

  • afdfagagag

    And your frenchie still has skin problems :(

  • Luther James Spells

    I like Jake!

  • whispers1136

    If u order whole sale the meat is 70% cheaper,u can contacy a farm and they will sell to u!

  • Ron Dizzle

    Can ask what wrong with the frechies coat on his head?

  • Darrell Bernard

    damn your dogs eat better than me …i cant remember the last time i had lamb.

  • poptartdom

    Ok I’ve heard the name gang bangers before but I never found out what it meant…

  • BloodNinjabn


  • Johnny B

    now my ddogs all love raw. they eat every meal that is served to them. i remember when i used to feed kibble there would be days when they skip meals.

  • Johnny B

    thanx, i was actually doing that ty pe of ratio and it seem to work. my dogs are much better off. i just wnated to know if i was doing it right.

  • BloodNinjabn

    Hrmm thats odd. See if theres like a meat store. The one I go to is named springfields Meat or some shit like that. I get like 40lbs of chicken necks and I portion em out and freeze em. Although I do live in Detroit so maybe the meat I’m getting might be dead gang bangers. Who knows.

  • poptartdom

    Yes all the time! I’ve googled and searched too they just don’t have them in the places I’ve been. Doesn’t surprise me as much that this is Texas though. Texas would be awesome enough to have butcher shops.

  • BloodNinjabn

    I follow this for my German Shepherd.

    45% Raw Meaty Bones
    50% Muscle Meat
    5% Organ Meat

  • BloodNinjabn

    Think of Dog kibble along the same lines of fast food like Burger King.

    Can you yourself live off Fast food everyday? Yeah, you could but what would your health be like? Also you need to check the kibble some is better than others but the lower grade kibble can contain road kill and or euthanized animals.. Look it up.

  • BloodNinjabn

    Do you leave your house? There’s 5 in a 5 mile radius of me.

  • poptartdom

    i’ve never seen a butcher shop in the united states where the hell have you seen a butcher shop?

  • Omega

    i know this might be hard but what you need to do is stop feeding it people food. Put a bowl out with dog food and show it to him. He is not going to eat it at first. He will not eat for about 2 or 3 days. Then he will get hungry enough to eat his own food. Trust me when i got a dog from my neighbor i had the same problem. This is what helped me. The important thing is to wait it out. Once he is hungry he will eat.