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Luxury Dog House

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Question by Antwon T: How can i get my dog to sleep in the dog house?
My dog won’t sleep in her dog house. She would rather sleep in the dirt and grass, what can I do to get her to sleep in the dog house?

Best answer:

Answer by Aubree C
put her favorite toys/treats in there then lock her in, bwahahahhahahaha

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Category: Dog Houses
  • BraulioandFer

    cool you have a pug im getting 1 for my birthday

  • jacoburbano54

    Need to put light

  • diamondyellowdiva

    it veryyyyyyyyyyy nice but doesnt dah dog need sum light

  • jmorrowbel

    very creative!

  • littledragon10011

    @aysc79 yeah omg ur so right!!

  • aysc79

    where are the jacuzzi and swimming pool ?.

  • Niamh509

    soooo cute i wish that was mine

  • adoreerocks

    you fit through that ?o.O

  • ILoveMyAsianEyesFTW

    at first i was like ” this is a toy ” then when the dog showed up i was like HOLY SHIT

  • haaris10

    make sure they feel warm in their

  • bomapdich

    at first , i thought it was small and then i combared the dog and the house , it was pretty damn big

  • Digitmann

    Looks like a dog prison camp… lol jk, looks nice

  • Elmontana100

    esta bien chida tu casa ense?a a como hacer una (NO?!!!) ()=

  • Kittercat123

    how much is one like this??

  • KimboandAmbo

    aww i like the house but the pug=ADORABLE!!!!

  • Fred the dog

    She said for you to sleep in that old hot dog house, she’s going to chill out in the cool grass. Put some AC in that box and we might talk about it.

  • Jen

    do you have something comfortable for her to sleep on: such as an old blanket or pillow??maybe you could shift the dog kennel closer to the house or door/window where she can see you. and encourage her to stay there. put her inside and stay with her awhile and tell her to stay there in her kennel, give her a stern no if she moves, she will get used to it eventually as she will find her bed a warmer spot than the grass… also check that there is’nt something in her kennel that could be hiding and frighteining her….
    good luck!!

  • mssophia102

    your dog will sleep where it is most comfortable. Please do not use blankets in the box this can get wet and cause mold that can cause fungus on your dogs skin and also in the winter if the dog is wet from snow or rain the blanket will become wet and not allow the dog to stay warm. Hay or straw also is not the best thing to use they to can mold and cause fungus on the dogs skin. If you have to use any of them they should be change every few days. Stall shavings, cedar chips or pine chips should be used. and it should be changed at least weekly. we dont have our dogs outside all the time but we do have boxes out in the yard in case they need them, we came home one time and one of the dogs was sitting in the rain and look up at the sky, if your dog wants to it will use the box.