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Dog Training Secrets : Here are what we regard to be the key concepts to successful dog training, and a short description of each: ?Bonding Perhaps the most important aspect of building a successful relationship with your dog will be your rapport with him. If you make your dog into a close friend by doing such things as talking to him, playing with him, and taking him for long walks, your dog will be much more responsive and attentive when you are training him. ?Consistency Delivering consistent messages to your dog will help him to view his world as black and white rather than various shades of grey. By consistent messages, I mean the commands that you decide to use to train, praise, and reprimand your dog should always be the same. It is important that all members of the family are aware of this and use the same commands themselves. ?Repetition Dogs are creatures of habit and learn by repetition. It will take several repetitive training sessions for your dog to get the response you require implanted into his brain and for the action to become automatic. ?Session Length Keep formal sessions short and enjoyable so that your dog maintains concentration throughout. Quality not quantity is the golden rule. Always finish a training session on a positive note. ?Praise Use praise whenever your dog has completed an exercise correctly. Praise should also be delivered to your dog as soon as the desired act has been done (remember the timing thing
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Question by dtcbabe: What is the cost of dog training/obedience?
I have 2 German Shepherds. 1 mail 1yr. 1 female 9 months. I want to adopt another male German Shepherd that is 21/2 yrs. What is the average cost of training do you think?

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Answer by marci knows best
Prices vary widely. For good basic obedience, many local shelters offer classes, usually for under $ 100. If your dogs have any training issues, or you want more intensive training, I would expect to pay in the $ 150 – 200 range for a 6 – 8 week series. Some places will give a multiple dog discount if you want to bring all the dogs.

German Shepherds are super smart, so obedience class should be great fun!. Just remember training is on-going and lasts a dog’s whole life.

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    IMHO i don’t like training “classes.” I admit I’m being bias because i like guard dogs and and reading up on advanced dog training. If your dog is trained by other people other than yourself this can sometimes make the dog think that he can trust anyone. I know this isn’t true in all circumstances.

    By training you dog yourself you can save money and create a stronger bond with your dog(s). They enjoy spending time with their owners and they enjoy pleasing their owners. so if you do train the dog yourself make sure to let the dog know your impressed and happy when he does something right. they can sense if your happy or not.

    ummm don’t know why the link looks like that… I keep copy and pasting and it keeps changing to this whenever i paste it… :S it should take you to the dog training tutor website. Its and e-book. I got it for $ 47 US. Used it amongst other books and it had most of the the tips that all the other books had plus a few extras. I think it also comes with a 60day money back guarantee.
    But I recommend you check it out its been quite helpful.

    Even old dogs can learn new tricks ?