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Kibbles 'n Bits Original Savory Beef and Chicken Flavor Dog Food, 35-Pound, New

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Avoderm Natural Chicken Meal Brown Rice Formula Adult Dog Food 30-Pound New
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Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food, Beef and Rice Recipe, 14-Pound Bag , New, Fre
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A secret multi-billion dollar conspiracy may be responsible for up to 87% of dog deaths in the US. See it blown wide open in this video! If you love your dog, watch this video because the secrets it reveals can make the difference between life and death.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • angelsoulnme

    Dogfoodanalysis … Google it

  • shacharil

    “I too do not give a fuck about your dog. I just want to sell my book” You are a scumbag whether you are lying or telling the truth. At least the dog food companies have reasonable doubt.

  • lucy0loves0music

    lol agreed. my cousin used to give his dog homemade food a some days a week then packaged food in the others… she was very healthy and his vet always joked, “you gotta gimme the secret formula you feed her!” – actually he was the one who gave my cousin the homemade recipes. unfortunately she died when robbers invaded his house… they shot her when she tried to defend his wife.

  • lucy0loves0music

    he’s not saying the dog food companies add the grains because they think it’s good for your dog, they add the grains as FILLERS. people, watch the video with an open mind. don’t believe 100% in everything you see or hear, but keep an eye open for possibilities. since I don’t own a dog and will not for a very long time I won’t dig into this matter now, but if I get one, I’ll surely do my homework before deciding what to feed my pet.

  • 11silone

    No studies presented by a Scientist, Doctor, or Vet. No newspaper, papers, or resources cited in the video. And what is your creditably? Are you a Doctor, Vet, Vet Tech, Scientist, Biologist, Forest Ranger or anyone with any type of College Degree level background whatsoever? I am not paying for your *proof* it should be given out for free if this is a real public service and you really care about the animal’s safety, obviously you really do not care, you must want money.

  • CameraManTrifecta

    Fromm dog foods has been a leader in the industry since they discovered the fromm distemper vsccine in the 30″s. Our kennel has used Fromm exclusively since the 1977 and have long lived healthy golden retrievers. For us, the only food to consider. Am sure other foods have come along in recent years,and they may be fine, but the hostory or track record of this company stands alone.

  • samandchar2004

    As said before, dogs don’t eat grains, they eat meat and some basic greens. If you care so much about this “conspiracy”, you’d just tell us how to avoid commercial food, not sell us a book!

  • Victorkapz

    lol what a tool this guy is.. buy this book and your dog will live to be 27 LOL

  • missmonasuzette

    Dogs don’t need grains. You lost me.

  • angeleasfeathers

    The Dog Food Advisor reviews foods with a 1-5 star rating system and how I found Taste Of The Wild and Blue Buffalo’s, Wilderness formula

  • Prowler1

    ruling out home/street poisoning. she couldn’t walk when we took her out side, so we rushed to clinic.

    it’s sufficient evident that bag of food was the cause.
    after switching bag of food & brand) she bounced back quickly – but wasn’t the same after that.
    (that batch of food took its toll on her, consequently causing spine paralysis, and early death…

    I’ll N-E-V-E-R feed that brand & corporation derivative food to any creature – due to all mentioned.
    same for that vet clinic!

  • Prowler1

    Part 3/4
    the company of course would deny guilt – or anything wrong with food – but emergency events with my dog surrounding her new food change, spoke for themselves very clear!
    my privet vet clinic extensively tested her (complete blood work & x-ray & other) – found nothing to enplane her dire situation – and have allowed me to come to the obvious conclusion that food iv’e just changed was source of emergent health problem. – read the last part #4

  • Prowler1

    “personal anecdote” Part 2.
    my own dog (MAY HAVE) died premature because there was something terribly wrong with the food. that particular time dog was feeding (for the first time with that type & of a new bag – and years after the first time with brand that iv’e stopped when she was decade younger due to diarrhea) brand was Eukonoba. – read Part 3

  • Prowler1

    @jenifre70 i will answer you in tow parts

    feeding nurturing formula yourself if it meets dogs biological needs is fine.

    falling in pitfalls of unscientifically proved & based on fear tactics
    with of dubious & obscure origins – is a totally and a definitive – NO!

    See PART 2
    it will answer the following paragraph –
    as same as will N-E-V-E-R feed a dog that brand & or corporation food family
    due to total lost of confidence & trust – same goes to that vet clinic!

  • jenifre70

    Eating the things we ate. Dog food has been around since, what?, the 40s?50s? And shortly afterwards its popularity came these emerging pathologies: cancer, organ failure, immune mediated disease, chronic diarrhea skin problems, etc. U don’t need to buy food specific for dogs -just feed them FOOD! And make better choices for your pet than you do yourself!

  • jenifre70

    As a vet, I find this video COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL. Read the advertising& labels on ANY dog food and ask yourself where THEIR ACTUAL PROOF IS! Dogs have developed next to humans for 1000s of yrs.

  • chujoles

    dogfood is bad! a vet will tell u to give them baby asprin for pain and antibiotics for infection just like us so feed them (nonprocessed) food you eat within reason no hot peppers chocolate ect.