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Top 10 Best Female Dog Names

We had to search many sources which contain information about dogs from dog lovers to come up with this Top 10 Best Female Dog Names list for you. Some of the names are quite common, but others are refreshingly different and unique. Amazing by Janelle
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Question by Angela Arnett: i need some creative female dog names that rhyme with puppy?
my dog had puppies and we sold all of them but one and its kinda stuck to us now but she thinks her name is puppy .. so we need some creative female dog names the sound like puppy???

Best answer:

Answer by Adri Pendleton. aspiring model
You can still change her name to anything you want. She is young, she’ll learn the new name very fast.

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  • DogsTop10

    Amazing by Janelle

  • don417

    I wanted Libby but the granddaughter wanted Tilly. So now I have a Tilly.

  • Tobi Unuefa

    Nice vid wats the song plz

  • DogsTop10

    Thank you.

  • Anderw Marcell


  • Likewise

    At such a age, she isn’t attached to the name. Once you choose a name, and stop saying ‘Puppy’ she’ll learn it.


    Crumpet (well, I think it sounds cute, anyway)
    Call the dog whatever you like and she will get used to it.

  • Moo

    Happy? XD
    thats all I got. Though at this young age, they shouldn’t stick to a name yet, so find a name, and ONLY call her that :)

  • cmt330

    fluffy, fluppy, ruffy, ruffly, luffy, tibby, tubsy, wuffy, luppy, cuppy, guppy, muppy, moppy.
    ps- dogs can change their names. my friends dog was froma shelter so they changed her name from Mate to Bagel. My other friends dog was named Jack. he got the nickname Jicken but her mom thought it was Chicken and now he doesnt even respond to Jack. his name is now Chicken.

  • KiwiStar

    You don’t have to decide on a name just yet. Once you determine the puppy’s personality then you will have a better idea on what to name her.

  • horselover

    At this age, she would easily learn a new name, even if it doesnt sound like ‘puppy’. if you want to make it easier, give her the new name (lets say its Breanne, just for an example) and use it with Puppy. For example, call her “Breanne Puppy” or “Puppy Breanne”. She’ll get used to that, and then after a few days you could just say “Breanne”. It’s the easiest way to transition from one name to a new one.
    good luck with her! she must be so cute :)

  • Taylor Ho

    You shouldn’t move very fast dont call her puppy anymore, call her HER name and she will get used to it. otherwise youll have to call her puppy her hole life.. not really but..

  • Jennifer


  • Christiane