Quotes About Poodles

English: A medium sized poodle in Scandinavian...

A medium sized poodle in Scandinavian clip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.” – Rita Rudner

“I used to breed poodles. I liked them because they were fluffy and so cute – and honestly, they make a lot of money when you sell them!” – Raven-Symone

“This is my own little rock theory: In my mind, Nirvana slayed the hair bands. They shot the top off the poodles.” – Henry Rollins

“They’re not poodles, they’re art.” – Rachael Leigh

Agility, Dog Training Courses, and Flyball!

Croatian Sheepdog Mawlch Gera - on agility

Croatian Sheepdog Mawlch Gera – on agility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In agility your dog has to be trained to run courses. You can train him on obstacles separately or you can train him on a dog training course, either option is ok but a course is much better in the long run.

Most dog agility handlers have had experience running and training their own dog but when new handlers arrive at a club they have had no experience in agility and need all the help that they can get! So advising them about dog training courses is the best way to start.

Dogs Make me Smile

Dogs Make me Smile

From a reader:

Dear 3dogs,

I am the owner of two miniature dachshunds who share my house and home. Many dog owners would rephrase that and instead call me the human who shares the house with the dogs. Dogs are indeed wonderful creatures.

Recent experiences have made me reflect upon and notice things about dogs and their presence in my life. I grew up with dogs so was taught at a young age to appreciate and treat animals with loving care. I recall clearly watching our pet Boston Terrier comfort my little brother who sat on the floor crying about something.

Easy Steps to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on You

Easy Steps to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on You

This article has been posted elsewhere, but the suggestions bear repeating. This is one of the first steps in training a well-mannered, polite dog.

When you bring home that adorable puppy her dog behavior is so cute. She puts her feet up on you to get your attention, jumps in your lap, jumps up and down on her hind legs begging to be picked up.

And what do you do? You reinforce all those dog behaviors. Give her attention, pick her up, make sure she’s comfortable on your lap. Then, lo and behold, she grows from 15 pounds to 75 pounds and is still jumping on you. That cute puppy behavior is now bad dog behavior. In fact, it’s downright maddening and you can’t get it to stop.

5 Health Care Tips For Your Doberman

Doberman Pinscher PuppiesCaring for a Doberman is not always an easy task. Your dog comes from an energetic and intelligent breed, so improper care can result in frustration, destructive behaviors or even poor health. Recognizing the best ways to take care of your Doberman will ensure that your pet is as happy as possible.

Vaccinate Your Dog

Always vaccinate your dog when it is recommended. A rabies vaccine, tetanus shot or similar vaccinations can help protect your dog from common or life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, it prevents you from facing hard decisions.

How to Use Distraction Proofing in Your Dog Training

Distraction Proofing Your Dog

Distraction Proofing Your Dog

An important part of dog training involves a step called distraction proofing, which reinforces the commands and behaviors that a dog has learned by making sure they are able to follow through even when distractions are present. Some trainers view this as the final phase of training, while others integrate it in with the rest of their teachings. It’s not uncommon for dog owners to find that their pets are great at obeying instructions in training class or in the living room at home, but once they venture into a new environment, their furry friend seems to have forgotten everything they learned. Proofing is a technique designed to help with this problem, and can be implemented with the tips below.

Boxer Puppy is EATING EVERYTHING, can you HELP???

Boxer Puppy is EATING EVERYTHING, can you HELP???

Question by Jewel: Boxer Puppy is EATING EVERYTHING, can you HELP???
My 4 1/2 mo old Boxer puppy “Bella” is eating paper, toilet paper, and anything in the garbage cans that are low to the floor. She also eats my hubby’s wallet, credit cards, and tears his bills. She steals my house shoes too! As a matter of fact …… phooey ……. WHERE ARE my slippers? They were just right here.



Boxer Dog Video: Ralph the boxer dog

Our 1 year old boxer just chilling.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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