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Dachshund Puppies – 5 Tips To Well Behaved Dachshund Pupppies

by Dakiny The Dachshund is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Dachshund puppies attract a wider variety of owners with their comical personalities. They can be known as the clowns of the family. Loyalty is key when understanding this type of breed and makes it a great family pet. Lots […] Read more

Does This Dog Have A Hoarding Problem?

My Dog Has A Hoarding Problem Is Hiding Toys Natural? Laika hides things. When I first got her I noticed she would hide her bones under a blanket, carefully nudging it back into place after she was satisfied with her spot. It didn’t seem that unusual… Read more

Get out and play with the best in Dog Harnesses

Style, comfort, and durable reliability - EzyDog provides all this and more! Our unique and innovative dog products are designed to get you and your pooch outdoors, living life to the fullest. When it comes to safety and ease of use, trust Ezy Dog harnesses, leashes, and more! [...] Read more

Be Careful When You Take Your Puppy Jogging

Don’t Overdo it; Jogging Can Be Harmful To Puppies Jogging with your dog is an excellent way to exercise; both of you can keep fit and trim while taking in all the lovely scenery. If you have a new puppy you may be tempted to start things off with a… Read more

Always Happy to See You

With a New Year comes new resolutions - not just for you, but for your pup too! We came up with a few ideas on how to make the most of your pup's 2015. Eat Better: What better time to start a new health regimen than now?! Go Places: Now is the time to visit places you've never been or go on an adventure [...] Read more

Dachshund Video: Dachshund Vs. Penguin

Our Dachshund Rocky, confused by a mechanical penguin, funny :p *original video* Video Rating: 4 / 5 Click Here to Learn How Easy it is to Groom Your Dog at Home! Some recent Dachshund sales on Amazon: Dachshund Brewing Co by Ryan Fowler Sign Dog Beer Animals Print Poster 12×12Dachshund Brewing Co is printed on […] Read more

Clinical trial shows benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer patients undergoing complex cancer treatment with chemotherapy, radiation therapy

Therapy dogs may improve the emotional well-being of some cancer patients, according to results of a clinical study, the first to document the benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer patients. The research was made available this week in the Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology. The study, conducted by researchers at Mount Sinai Beth […] Read more

Multiple Free-falling Streams of Water for Your Pets

Developed by a veterinarian, the Drinkwell Lotus Pet Fountain provides 50 oz of fresh, filtered water to your pet. Multiple free-falling streams of water entice your pet to drink more and continually aerates the water with healthful oxygen. A foam filter catches hair and debris left in the water, helping keep your pet's water clean and fresh. The ceramic fountain is easy to clean and will look great in your home. [...] Read more

12 Shelter Dogs Smiling After Being Adopted

I don’t know if there’s anything quite as heartwarming as seeing a shelter dog find a new home. There’s just something so contagious about happy dogs – they’re able to cheer us up so easily. Sometimes there’s nothing greater than seeing deserving dogs… Read more

Cookie & Gracie – Two Amazing Dogs Available for Adoption

Meet Cookie & Gracie; two amazing dogs available for adoption in southeast Michigan. Cookie’s story broke my heart; she’s dealing with some anxiety and fear issues after a traumatic incident (details below). Gracie is such a sweet girl; she’s been… Read more

Is Your Dog an Outdoor Dog?

At the end of the day, we believe it is the amazing connection with our dogs, and their ability to motivate us to get out and explore, that makes all the hard work worth the effort. Dogs encourage us to follow our nose just to see where the experience takes us. They improve our health, our lives, and our outlook.. and ask for little in return. Combine a dog's appetite for exploration with the right equipment and you'll be prepared for yet another grand adventure. [...] Read more

Dachshund Puppies Training – 5 Training Tips For Good Dachshunds

by Bill Kuffrey The Dachshund is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Training dachshund puppies can be a tall order for such a small dog. Once you have finished your research and homework you will have to find a suitable breeder. Socialization is a really important part of your dachshund […] Read more

Stiggy’s Dogs – Helping Dogs & Veterans Come Together

  Rescuing One to Rescue Another Stiggy’s Dogs matches military veterans recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) or Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) with rescue dogs trained as psychiatric service dogs. They’re a non profit organization… Read more

Finding Iris [Story]

Today we decided to share a story about a lovely dog named Iris. Iris was found by Hope For Paws  after receiving a call about an injured homeless dog. Their team appeared immediately and find the scared dog, hidden in the bushes protecting all… Read more

Dog-human cooperation is based on social skills of wolves, scientists show

Dogs are man’s best friend and partner. The origins of this dog-human relationship were subject of a study by behavioural scientists from the Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna and the Wolf Science Center. They showed that the ancestors of dogs, the wolves, are at least as attentive to members of their species and […] Read more

Laika’s Lessons – What My Dog Has Taught Me

I can’t believe it will soon be three years already. Three years ago I adopted a puppy I wasn’t quite prepared for . After being on the lookout for a nice older dog I met Laika and instantly melted. It certainly wasn’t planned that way but I have no… Read more